Women Empowerment in Tanya Markul’s. “The She Book”

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The objective of this study is to throw light on and evaluate Tanya Markul’s treatment of the feminist crisis as reflected in her volume of poetry “The She Book.”  What distinguishes her experience is suffering not only because of being a woman but also owing of being rejected and abundant by her family members. She uses her personal experience of suffering and healing to highlight the issue of women's empowerment in her poetry. In her first collection “The She Book,” she approaches the question of feminism stressing the idea that women empowerment is something that should come from within the woman herself. Markul has gone through real traumas and emotional pains in her life, the effect of which appears explicitly in her writings. In her poetry, Markul’s feminist approach is obviously different from other writers as she confirms that empowering women can be attained by adopting certain strategies that may eventually lead to the actualization of equality among the sexes in modern societies. Such feminist strategies are consciousness-raising and building relationships with other members of society.