The Era of Fear: Fiction and Reality

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Literature has always fascinated man, being an entertainment, a source of knowledge, a motivation to think, and an outpouring of beauty. But beauty may not have the general form evoked by the word. Beauty may lie in an original idea, a refined style, a well-woven story...etc. The main objective of this research is to build a financial model for evaluating the financial performance of companies through the use of financial modeling tools and their financial applications to predict financial performance for planning and decision-making purposes. Literature is historical and social, i.e., it tells facts of its time and of the past by inserting them into an imaginary framework. But above all, the author is committed, in other words, he or she has a message to convey to the reader and sometimes even intends to fulfill a didactic role. Among the various types of novels, the epidemic/pandemic novel is experiencing a boom. A theme that piques curiosity (in the meliorative sense: joyful exploration and sensitivity to deficiency), especially in the age of the Coronavirus. Novels that deserve to be scrutinized and deciphered...