Family Motivation Effect on Interpersonal Competition Moderated by Perceived Job Insecurity

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The mechanism connecting the antecedents to negative attitudes, like interpersonal competition, is under-researched. This study empirically investigates family motivation's effect on interpersonal competition among university employees, Drawing on social comparison theory. It is also hypothesized that perceived job insecurity moderates this relationship. The paper also provides a comparison between private and government universities based on family motivation, job insecurity, and interpersonal competition relationships. A sample of 372 employees in Egyptian universities was studied; however, only 93 percent of the questionnaires were correctly answered. The Structural Equation Model (SEM) technique was used to test the hypotheses. Results proved all hypotheses of this study. This paper adds to the literature on family motivation and interpersonal competition by validating that family motivation can lead to negative behavioral outcomes, especially when accompanied by job insecurity. Recommendations and future research are discussed in this paper.


Citation: Abdelaziz, A., and Srour, C., (2022).  Family motivation effect on interpersonal competition moderated by perceived job insecurity.  Journal of Commercial & Environmental Studies. 13(3). 1 – 44.